We encourage you to take advantage of our three FREE trial classes within a two week time period! You can attend any of our regularly scheduled classes and one of our highly qualified coaches will scale the movements and/or workout for your specific ability level. Click here to register for 3 free classes. Go here if you are a out of town visitor from another Crossfit affiliate.

We do not list our pricing for a couple reasons:
 - Our value becomes clear when you participate in a few classes. If you enjoy the classes, then we can explain our various pricing options with you at that time. We try to find an option for everyone and have discounts for students, first-responders, military, and other organizations.
 - We differ significantly from other gyms and fitness programs in the area. Although we are more expensive than the typical chain gym, we are significantly less than a personal trainer, but more effective and fun!

When you do consider our pricing, think about the following points:
 - At the typical gym, you are going to pay some sort initiation fee and sign a contract committing you to the gym. We do not have any initiation fees and our contracts are all month-to-month. If you need to cancel, we simply need 7 days notice before the monthly billing date.
 - We are confident that once you become a part of the Gamma family, you will continue to come back without the burden of a contract looming over your head. Unlike most gyms, we do NOT subsidize our membership prices based on a business model that relies on most of our members NOT showing up to work out. (Don't believe us? Listen to this) In any given week, 95% of our members attend a class. The 5% not attending are typically on vacation or traveling for work, but wish they were at Gamma.
 - We don’t charge a ‘gym improvement fee’ for new TVs or equipment every year. You’ll be way too busy to watch TV while you are working out at Gamma.
 - Many gyms offer group fitness classes that are included in your membership. They typically have 15+ people attending and the programming is choreographed and repeated over and over. You get little, if any, one-on-one attention with these classes. In addition, your body and mind get used to the effort needed to be 'efficient' at the movements and to complete the class at a comfortable level. Although the music changes, the movements and equipment does not. You adapt and your progress plateaus. You get comfortable being comfortable. At Gamma, every day is different and we blend strength, gymnastics, body weight, endurance, and strongman training mentalities with equipment ranging from your body to barbells, rings to kettlebells, ropes to yokes, kegs to stones, or simply your running shoes. No two classes are ever the same and our gear is far reaching and unique. You will get comfortable with being uncomfortable!
 - Perhaps your gym offers additional ‘pay-to-play’ classes such as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Tabata, boot camp or some other form that is ‘CrossFit-like’.The cost of these classes, along with the monthly gym membership, is comparable to the rates at Gamma.
 - Going away for a while? Need a break? We are happy to pause your membership at no cost for as long as you need. But we will miss you and want you back ASAP!
 - When you attend a gym, without a trainer, you are on your own. What programming are you following? Is it effective? Are you performing the movement correctly? Is the movement safe? Everything we do at Crossfit Gamma is designed to be functional, safe, and effective. Meaning our programming will help you perform easier at life's challenges, reduce the chance of injury, and help you meet your fitness goals. When you consider all those machines and equipment at the gym, where do those exercises fit into your life? When is the last time you did a leg curl in real life!? Our programming and multi-joint movements will help you function better at the sport of LIFE, not machine. 

- Our programming is unique. We don't subscribe to or use workouts that designed by someone in a central headquarters office with little knowledge of our members needs or goal. Our programming is designed with our members abilities and needs first. Your progress is tracked and personalized for you base on your abilities.

- You will meet people and become part of group that cares about you. Beyond the fantastic coaches, the members at Gamma care about each other’s success. Warm smiles will meet you when you arrive and sweaty fist pumps will send you on your way.
 - Beyond the gym. The Crossfit Gamma family has fun outside the gym including the bi-annual 5K Hershey bar run, holiday parties, charity events, mud runs, canoe trips, nutrition challenges, and competitions. You will become a part of something bigger than a building with weights inside of it. 
 - We take pride in our ‘box’. You can expect a clean, clutter free facility!