November member of the month - SUE CRAIG!

Congratulations to Sue Craig, CrossFit Gamma's member of the month!  Sue has been a regular member of our 7am class for quite some time. For those of us that attend the 6am class, Sue always sends us out with a smile that simply lights up the rest of our day.  Additionally, Sue graciously provides the box with fresh farm eggs every week that are a staple in many of our diets.  Yummy!

Sue Craig, 59, is originally from Hempstead, NY and has been happily married to John Craig for 34 years. She has 4 wonderful children: Erin (married to Joel Thomas), Matt (married to Jenny Tillett), Katie and Kayle. Matt has given Sue four wonderful grandchildren; Ryan 5, Tyler 4, Wesley 1 1/2, Rachael 6 months. Sue is a retired animal technician and sensory panelist (taste tester at Hershey Foods).

How/when/why did you get involved with CrossFit?

"I have had both rotator cuffs repaired and plantar faciitis surgery in both feet, . I found out about CF after my last foot surgery and started working toward getting stronger since I was sitting a long time. I was to the point of having to get up like an “old” person, getting out of the car, also like an “old” person, and going down the steps slowly one at a time. CF strengthened me to the point of leaving those things behind and now I am able to keep up with the little people in my life."

What's kept you motivated?

"If you don’t do it, you miss it! It is also easier to keep going then to 'restart'! I always feel like I accomplished something good when I am done with a WOD."

Any advice for newbies or people considering CrossFit?

"Don’t be intimidated, not by others, the weights, or yourself! You are not competing with others, just yourself. Set your mind to be humbled, then encouraged!"

Tell us something we don't know about you?

"I have been on 9 mission trips to help build churches, or related buildings - Mexico, Trinidad, Nicaragua, No. Ecuador, So. Ecuador, Africa, India and St. Lucia."

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Crossfit Lifeforce has helped me in ways i never would have iginamed Jon and Steve are great the people are awsome and the workouts are so much better then going to the gym, lifting weights, and running on treadmills.i lifted weights for most of my adult life and i say every day i wish crossfit was around when i was younger.If your stuck in limbo need a more intense workout or just maybe on the fence a bit about crossfit JUMP over that fence and come join us at Crossfit Lifeforce i promise you your going to love it.

Mon, March 9, 2015 @ 7:17 AM

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23. wrote:
Hey Nicki,This is slightly off topic When listening to your presentation at the BB Summit, you or Robb mentioned that you give people some paperwork to read and go over before they come to the first class or session (after the initial consult). I m working on putting a few things together such as a 7 day food log, expectations, and I was thinking maybe the What is Fitness article. Any other suggestions or recommendations you think we should be including (or not)? Thanks!Hey David!Food log, shopping and food guide and several links to short videos (Paleo in a Nutshell) anything that is brief and easy to understand, ie doesn t overwhelm to newbie who is already baffled you re asking them to cut back on sugar

Thu, April 16, 2015 @ 10:25 AM

24. wrote:
We ve had really good results with the 4-week On Ramp program. Our conversion rate to a member is a little higher than 80%. We recently went to 8 clients, 2 trainer On Ramps and the increased # of bodies makes the whole experience more energetic and like a class. Before, we had been doing groups of 4-5 with 1 trainer. We are currently experimenting with a 3-week On Ramp, to see if we can teach the basics well enough to get them started in our classes. It will be interesting to see if we can maintain the same conversion to membership rate. Hey Nicki, we introduce people to the gym through the CrossFit LA model of a 1-hour introduction session. Sounds very similar to yours and there is a basic workout involved. We have done hundreds of these and the conversion percentage is around 40% to either On Ramp or personals. Recently, we decided to change to a more time efficient introduction. We have two times on our weekly schedule dedicated to introductions and sign up prospective clients that call us into those sessions. It is too early to tell but the results so far are very promising. The group intro session feels much more like a small class and the interaction among the prospectives brings a higher level of energy to the whole experience. This new methods conversion rate is actually exceeding the old 1-on-1 intros by a bit and it is much more time efficient. Just thought I share. thanks for your info and looking forward to your future installments on trainer developmentThanks Xi Xia!

Thu, April 16, 2015 @ 12:09 PM

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bob droege, you write Jim, do you think the record refreeze is due to the record minimum last melt season and the fact that it freezes to about the same area each winter? I am not sure I understand the question. As I understand it, the warmist position is that CAGW causes sea ice extent to become less and less in the northern summer, until at some time in the future, in the Arctic, there will be no sea ice ( 1 million sq kms), when the minimum occurs. This claim I understand, even though I do not believe it will happen.However, the empirical evidence shows that in winter, the sea ice extent in the Arctic is not decreasing anything like as rapidly as it does in the summer. This seems to be contradictory to the claim that the decreasing sea ice extent in the summer is due to CAGW. If CAGW causes a decreasing amount of sea ice in the summer, why does it not cause a similar decrease in sea ice extent in the winter? There is a pal reviewed paper which claims to explain why there is a difference between the Arctic and Antarctic. But what is the explanation of why CAGW decreases sea ice extent in the Arctic dramaticly in the summer, but does not have anything like the same effect in the winter? That is what I do not undersatnd.Thinking in terms of basic physics, it seems to me that the empirical data gives a strong indication that CAGW, if it in fact exists, has no effect on sea ice at all. All the changes that are observed are better explained by natural effects.

Wed, April 29, 2015 @ 10:03 AM

32. wrote:
Duh.Lets start with some basics.when it warms in the arctic it actually gets above the melting point of ice.For example. Lets suppose that the temperature at location X was -40C year round. And lets assume that temperature at location Y was-2C year round. Got that?Now, warm both by 10C.-40C becomes -30C-2C become +8CIf there were ice at both locations would you be amazed to see that it melted at one location and didnt melt at the other? Nope you would not be surprised.Second, suppose one location location Y was on land, that is the ice was landed, and at the other location the ice was in the water. Gosh, do you think that the temperature of the water might play a role for one location?Third. Suppose one location, location X had sources of fresh water that drained into the salt water it was sitting on. Gosh, could that make a difference?fourth, suppose one location had more soot fall on the ice? could that make a difference? ya think.There are many other differences between both poles and there is no reason to expect that they will both shrink in the same manner or even in the same time scales. As it warms in the south you could get more snow and thicker ice. As it warms in the north, you also get more precipitation, BUTit falls as rain because the higher air temps support that.Many reasons why you should NOT expect them to melt the same or build additional ice the same. It is not kansas.The real question is why do you think two vastly different places should react the same.

Wed, April 29, 2015 @ 10:12 AM

33. wrote:
earlier I ve never heard of consensus lending any authority to scientific debate. What lends authority is testing the hypothesis and being able to predict the outcomes of the tests.Let us for a moment examine what the consensus is about. It is about humans causing most of the late 20th century warming by emitting CO2, and it is about climate sensititiviy being sufficient to raise temperatures and for catastrophes to follow.What the consensuals now have to explain is why the human emissions of the early 21st century haven t increased temperature. Then they have to explain why all the recent papers in the learned literature based on observations show that the predicted sensitivity is far below the IPCC S 3C. (as an aside, I have often wondered why, after $100bn of research being ploughed plowed? into climate research the sensitivity is still the same as that in the Charnley report of 1979, which itself was a guess).Finally, the consensualists have to explain to us how they know the world will react to a change in temperature of 1 -3C, when the IPCC tells us:” … In climate research and modelling, we should recognise that we are dealing with a coupled non-linear chaotic system, and therefore that thelong-term prediction of future climate states is not possible.” IPCC TAR, Section 14.2 “The Climate System”, page 774.I ll repeat it for you, in all my life I ve never heard any scientist outside of the climate change community claim that consensus gave any weight to their scientific theories. Or as Bertrand Russell shrewdly observed: The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd; indeed in view of the silliness of the majority of mankind, a widespread belief is more likely to be foolish than sensible.”

Wed, April 29, 2015 @ 11:54 AM

34. wrote:
on the subject, the science is NEVER settled on any scientific theory or hypothesis because all it takes is new empirical evidence from actual physical observations or reproducible experimentation for it to be falsified.But IPCC has also been guilty of overstating certainty (where none really exists).Our hostess has been quite specific in questioning the level of certainty expressed by IPCC in its (in)famous statement in AR4 SPM: Most of the observed increase in global average temperatures since the mid-20th century is very likely [more than 90% likelihood] due to the observed increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations. IPCC is unable to back this high level of certainty with any empirical scientific evidence. Dr. Curry points out that the uncertainty regarding natural variability and climate forcing factors is simply too great to be able to make this claim as 90% likely .Another example in AR4 SPM were the likelihood estimates for increased future extreme weather events (warm spells, heat waves heavy precipitation events, etc.). Here it was deemed likely (more than 66% likelihood) that there had been an increase in these events over the late 20thC, and more likely than not (more than 51%) that there was an unquantified human contribution (based on expert judgment rather than formal attribution studies), yet it is very likely (more than 90%) that these will increase in the future due to human activity! Ouch!There are, of course, several other such claims by IPCC of a high level of certainty where, in fact, there is no compelling basis for such high certainty. It is good that there are climate scientists, like our hostess, who try to keep them honest on such claims.That is the real issue here, tempterrain, not evolution versus creationism, AIDS/HIV deniers or the law of gravity.Max

Thu, April 30, 2015 @ 4:55 AM

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manacker | March 9, 2013 at 1:24 am | You make these claims so handwavingly, yet they are so unsupported by detail or fact, mechanism of cause and effect, actual research or study, that one must remain skeptical of them when you say them as when Lomborg repeats them from the likes of Nigel Lawson.Access to clean drinking water comes from access to clean drinking water, not from coal mining or oil drilling or fracking. Indeed, coal and oil and frack deplete and contaminate drinking water. Access to clean drinking water, as water tables in many areas drop through the demands of industrial water use, is being eroded by your cause, not improved.Access to low-cost energy does not correlate well with longevity nor with quality of life. Go ahead, show me the epidemiological study that supports your claim; I can show you ten that dispute it for every one you provide because when you say low-cost energy you don t actually mean the energy is low-cost; you mean the cost is not borne by the people who profit by the massive energy projects. You mean subsidized energy. Tell me how I am wrong about this interpretation of your meaning. Give me some specific low-cost energy examples that are not subsidized and that truly pay for themselves.Certainly it s a tragedy when people burn dung for fuel, or peat, in their homes, especially with insufficient ventilation. A proper digester system could convert dung or peat to synthgas, and such mechanisms are not costly, and as a bonus they produce soil-enriching byproducts instead of generation by generation depleting soil. And nothing in your low-cost energy from coal or oil does the least to solve this.And let s mention these other factors you breeze past. Education in science, especially of girls and women is the number one other factor in improving longevity and standard of living. It makes more difference than education in literacy or math or business, all of which make more difference than any other factor. The means of self-sufficiency, such as locally made hand pumps for water, locally made cement fixtures for sanitation, locally made bamboo bicycles. Bednets intelligently deployed to sequester vulnerable targets of insect vectors and especially to sequester reservoirs of infection. Communication through mobile devices that can be used for education, commerce and organization over the vast distances involved in servicing remote populations. Peace. Medicine. Respect for traditional territories allowing stability of family units. All of these rank above low cost energy, and low cost energy ought mean low cost energy lifecycle, not mere subsidized fuel.None of this has ever required fossil fuel, locally sourced or otherwise, except bednets and pharmaceuticals made from petroleum products which are diverted from use as fuel to actually do something beneficial.Equating coal or oil subsidy with benefit to the vulnerable is both exploitative of the conditions of those who are not here to speak for themselves and simply a lie. It is immoral. It offends any reader of Thomas Paine, any reader of Thoreau, or of Adam Smith.

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