Workout of the Day

The programming at CrossFit Gamma blends a wide variety of movements across a wide range of fitness domains including, but not limited to, strongman, power lifting, olympic lifting and gymnastics.  Keep in mind, that all movements are infinitely scalable, up or down, depending on your ability.

At Gamma, each workout is presented in 3 scales: Rx, scale A, or scale B.  

Rx (also called prescribed) is the scale that our competitive athletes use.  It is the most challenging scale in terms of movements,weights, and mobility.  Rx movements sometimes take years to develop and require the perfect blend of strength, skill and mobility. 

Scale A is the level the vast majority of our members use after being at Gamma for 6+ months.  Scale A movements and weights are just recommendations and starting points for our experienced members.  They can be altered depending on the athlete's ability or limitations. The movements require a moderate amount strength, skill, and mobility.

Scale B is recommended for novice athletes and people new to our programming.  The movements are simple, yet effective, and can be performed safely by the common athlete with proper coaching.  

The scaling is presented in order of Rx, scale A,  then scale B.  In other words, the first movement listed is the Rx movement, the 2nd is scale A, and the 3rd is scale B.  Weights are listed in pairs with the men's weight being listed first in a particular scale.  

For example: '5 C2B, Pullups, Ring Rows' would be 5 Chest to Bar Pullups (C2B) for Rx athletes, 5 pullups for scale A athletes, and 5 ring rows for scale B athletes.  

Another example is '15 KBS (70/44, 44/26, 26/18)' would be 15 kettlebell swings (KBS).  Rx weight is 70lbs for men and 44lbs for women (70/44). Scale A weight is 44lbs for men and 26lbs for women (44/26). Scale B weight is 26lbs for men and 18lbs for women.  These weights are suggested guidelines for our athletes. 

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Common CrossFit Acronyms

AFAP = As Fast As Possible
AHAP = As Heavy As Possible 
AMRAP = As Many Reps As Possible
C+J = Clean and Jerk
EMOM = Every Minute On the Minute
G2O = Ground to Overhead
GHD = Glute Ham Developer
HRPU = Hand Release Push Up
HSPU = Hand Stand Push Up
K290 = Knee to 90 degrees
K2E = Knees to Elbow
KB = Kettle Bell
KBS = Kettle Bell Swing
MBC = Medicine Ball Clean
MU = Muscle Up
RFT = Rounds for Time
RR = Ring Row
S2O = Shoulder to Overhead
SDHP = Sumo Dead Lift High Pull
T2B = Toes to Bar
Tabata = 20 secs of work followed by 10 seconds of rest (repeated 8 times)
WoD = Workout of the Day