Personal Coaching

Accomplish your goals. Get individual attention. Have accountability. See results.

Personal coaching is the best way to accomplish your lifestyle goals. If you’re looking for more focused 1-on-1 coaching beyond the group class, Hershey Barbell offers personal coaching. Personal coaching is ideal for all levels, and is tailored to address your individual needs and fitness goals. Work with one of OUR TRAINERS and see results!

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Some of the services we offer:

  • Goal assessment. Establishing what you want to accomplish and creating a plan for how you get there.
  • Beginner level introductions for those with little knowledge of workout form and function or those not comfortable in a group setting
  • Weight loss planning, nutritional assistance, and training plans
  • Sport specific training for teams or athletes
  • Goal specific ┬átraining for events like marathons, obstacle course racing, adventure racing, etc.
  • Training in a personal setting for those not ready for group classes
  • Skill specific training for CrossFit athletes looking to address a specific weakness or improve a particular movement or skill.