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Get Started Now

Before you commit to a membership, you can come in and try up to three CrossFit classes in a two week period or one G-HIIT class.


Once you decide to join the Gamma family, you will go through our “on-ramp” class. During this class, you will learn the foundational movements of our program. Once you complete this class, we do not just throw you into the fire.  You, along with everyone, newbie or veteran, will all be coached throughout each class on new movements and movements that may be familiar to you.

We have three major concerns at Hershey Barbell and Fitness:

First, and foremost, we want you to be safe and perform all movements the proper way.

Second, we want you to have fun! Class will challenge you each and every time you come, but we insist on you leaving already looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

Lastly, if we do our jobs with the first two, you will get in the best shape of  your life which will make it extra fun when you see a whole new you!