Stefanie Koepke

Stefanie is originally a Carolina girl. She was born and raised in Fayetteville NC, but has not lived there since she was married 16 years ago to her husband, Matt. They have lived everywhere from Korea, Hawaii, Alabama, Georgia, and now Pennsylvania. Matt is now getting out of the Army and transitioning to an active guard position. This means she is in PA for the long haul. She made this transition for her two daughters, Kayleigh 14, and Leyna 12. Her desire is to get them through their high school years without moving anymore or dealing with any more deployments. So far they are loving the cooler temps!

She has been coaching Crossfit for the last 6 years and has obtained CrossFit level 2 status. She loves being in the gym! You will find her there on days when thrusters, pistols, or double-unders are programmed! When she is not with her family or at the gym you will find her in the pool with babies! She is an ISR instructor and teaches babies from 6 months – 6 years old how to roll back and float (it is pretty awesome). She loves both CrossFit and pool coaching because neither require her to put on fancy clothes or makeup. Those are reserved for date nights and
church only!