Michelle Weber

Michelle was born in Spain and raised in Puerto Rico her parents. She moved with her sister to Pennsylvania when she was 16. Her Penn State student teaching experience brought her to Hershey, where she never expected to fall in love with her husband, her job and the sweetest place on earth. She has been coaching fitness classes for the past twelve years. She is drawn to the supportive, positive and safe environment and calls it her second family. This sense of family “fitspiration” is what brought her to CrossFit Gamma.

In 2015, CrossFit Gamma opened its arms to a new twist on high intensity interval training and G-HIIT was born! G-HIIT is a small group personal training class that focuses on challenging each individual’s fitness levels while building up their stamina and endurance. The atmosphere
and spectacular individuals on our team are her favorite part! If you are looking for a new challenge to kick up your pre-existing fitness routine and keep your workouts new and engaging…come and join her for a free trial class!